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    China First Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd( hereinafter called “CFMCC”) is a modern large-sized comprehensive enterprise incorporating general contracting of project construction, real estate development, equipment fabrication into itself . The original name of the corporation is China First Metallurgical Construction Corporation, which was established in 1954. In December, 2005, with the approval of relevant authority, China First Metallurgical Construction Corporation Ltd was restructured to be a liability limited Corporation with diversified property rights, which was jointly invested by China Metallurgical Group Corporation,Haisee Steel Group Co. Ltd,Wuhan Steel Engineering Technical Company Ltd. On December 17, 2008, because of restructuring of shares of China Metallurgical Construction Group Corporation, with the approval of Government-owned Assets Supervision Management Committee of State Council, all the share rightsof CFMCC held by China Metallurgical Construction Group Corporation have been changed into the one held by Metallurgical Construction Corporation of China Ltd(SH601618,HK1618). In 2010, with verification of General Bureau of Industry and Commerce Administration of State, China First Metallurgical Construction Corporation Ltd will be changed into China First Metallurgical Construction Group Corporation Ltd.

    There are over 8200 workers and staff, including 3406 various professional personnel, among which 502 people have senior technical titles, technical titles of senior professor of engineering, 1272 people have middle technical titles, and CFMCC has total assets of RMB9800 million and has over 4,000 sets of mechanical equipments with the total capacity of 110,000KW. CFMCC has Grade A Capital-Credit-Capacity for the General Contracting of Construction of Metallurgical Projects, House-Building Projects, Municipal Works, Installation Projects of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, Grade A Capital-Credit-Capacity for Real Estate Development, and Grade A Capital-Credit-Capacity for Specialty Contracting of Construction of Steel Structure, Installation of Metallurgical Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, Furnace and Kiln Projects, High-rising Structure Projects, and Capital-Credit-Capacity for Erection of Piping Projects, Fabrication and Erection of Pressure Vessels, Erection of Boilers and Erection of Lifting Equipment. CFMCC has established perfect quality control system and took the lead to pass the attestation of ISO9002 Quality Control System in the national large-sized metallurgical construction enterprises in 1996, CFMCC passed the attestation of “Trinity System”of the Certification of Quality Control System,Certification of Environment Management and Certification of Occupational Healthy and Security Management System in 2005. CFMCC has a comprehensive capacity of developing large-sized commercial residential houses, medium high-level commercial estate; contracting ofmetallurgical large-sized systematic project and high-rising building project, systematic project in the fields of mechanical, electronic, power, petroleum, chemical, light textile, communication, telecommunication, building material; fabrication and manufacture of metallurgical, petroleum chemical large-sized special equipment.

    Since CFMCC was established, CFMCC's construction areas and zones cover over 20 provinces and cities and autonomous regions and over 10 foreign countries and regions, CFMCC has been undertaking the construction task of important projects in steel industry of China. In 1950’s, CFMCC completed the construction of WISCO’s Phase-1 Project including the whole set of public facilities from mineral mountain, coke-making to metallurgy, rolling mill, in 1960’s, CFMCC completed the construction of Ma’anshan Wheel Rim Plant which was praised as” a flower in the south of Yangtze River”; In 1970’s, CFMCC undertook the construction of the extension project of “ 4 Million Ton Iron and 4 Million Ton Steel “ of WISCO, and completed the construction of #4 Blast Furnace of WISCO, Cold Rolling Plant of WISCO and #2 Steel–making Plant of WISCO, and participated in the joint construction of 1.7M Rolling Mill Plant of WISCO; in 1980’s, CFMCC completed the construction the 1st High-rising Building, National Trade Building in Shenzhen and created Shenzhen Speed “ which CFMCC is proud of in the history of Chinese Architecture; In 1990’s, CFMCC completed the construction of a batch of national important projects such as WISCO’s New Blast Furnace incorporating world advanced technique and equipment into itself , High Speed Wire Rod Plant of WISCO, #3 Steel–making Plant of WISCO, Extension Project of Silica Steel of WISCO and Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Plant, Continuous Casting and Continuous Rolling Plant of Handan Steel Company. After entry of new century, CFMCC completed large-sized and important projects such as the Second Set of Rolling Mill Project of Tianjin Seamless Steel Plant, Steel-making Plant of Jinan Steel Company. For over 50 years, our country has made a great contribution to steel industry of China.

    With having a foothold on construction of metallurgical projects, CFMCC has undertaken construction of non-metallurgical projects in all parts of China, such as the first 500KV ultra-HV transmission line of China, the first transmitting tower (221M high) of China, Hubei Tortoise Mountain TV Tower, the first high-rising building of Shenzhen-National Commercial Building and the first flyover of Shenzhen, and the biggest optical fiber and optical cable plant with cleanliness class of 100,000.00 of plant building–China-France Joint Venture Enterprise, Wuhan Changfei Optical Fiber and Optical Cable Plant, The Welding Plant of Wuhan Shenlong Car Manufacture Plant with annual output of 300000 cars, Hubei Yichang-Huangshi Expressway, Hubei Section of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Jiezhang Section of Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, the First Intelligence Model Building-Zhongmin Building, the highest building in Xiamen, which has been selected by Ministry of Construction of China, in addition , CFMCC has completed the construction of 12 electrolytic aluminum plants, 5 fired power plants, 9 urban water supply and waste water treatment plants, and a batch of textile plants, pharmaceutical factories, cement plants, glass plants, paper-making plants, gas plants, rubbish filling and burying fields, and a large batch of bases and foundations, urban roads, bridges, blasting, pressure vessel erection projects. CFMCC has created remarkable achievements and become the intermediate forces in construction of housing project, municipal works, environmental protection project and other project fields.

    CFMCC makes efforts to develop international markets, especially in 1995,with the management right to the outside world approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, CFMCC has strengthened the development of international markets, and has established the strategy of setting its feet on Chinamarket and facing overseas market to undertake the project from two markets synchronously. CFMCC takes EPC and BOT as important contracting way of project, and has determined to take Zimbabwe as base and to develop South Africa market; to take Bangladesh and India as bases to develop southeast market; meanwhile, to begin to enter Middle East market, the Americas market and Europe market, and to carry out business of foreign economic and foreign trade activities synchronously. CFMCC has completed the construction of a batch of international projects such as Dakha Flyover in Bangladesh, Sinter Plant for Ispat Industry Ltd in India, Blast Furnace for Essar Steel Limited in India, Coke Oven for JST Co. Ltd in India, 50000 House Units in East Melita in Libya, Oil Pipe Project in Saudi Arabia. CFMCC signed the international contracts at the amount of over RMB 10 billion in 2008.

    CFMCC also introduces, develops, spreads and applies new technologies, new workmanship, and keeps perfecting the internal management system and fulfills strictly the management policy of “abiding by law in good faith, satisfying the requirement of customers; sustainable improvement, and create fine projects, prevent pollution and guarantee safety and health” Since reformation and open to the outside world, almost 100 projects have been awarded excellent quality projects of ministerial, provincial and civil level, excellent model projects and all-round excellent projects, the projects completed by CFMCC such as New #3 Blast Furnace Project of WISCO, High Speed Wire Rod Project of WISCO, Steel-making and Continuous Casting Project and the Second Phase Project of Tianjin Seamless Tube Plant have been awarded “ Luban Prize” in Chinese Construction Industry; #4 Sinter Plant of WISCO, Thin Billet Continuous Casting Excellent Quality Project of Handan Steel Co. have been awarded Silver Prize; Yichang Post and Telecommunication Building Project has been awarded National Architectural Decoration Prize, A batch of high-rising building projects and municipal works have been awarded excellent quality project prize of provincial and ministerial level. CFMCC has been for many times awarded National Advanced Enterprise in Project Quality Control and National Advanced Enterprise, CFMCC was awarded National Excellent Enterprise in 2006 and 2008; CFMCC was awarded Excellent Enterprise in Hubei Province in 2009, CFMCC was awarded National Excellent Enterprise in Building Quality Control, National Excellent Enterprise in Quality Control in 2006; CFMCC was awarded National Construction Enterprise Satisfied by the Customers, CFMCC has been awarded Excellent Construction Enterprise in Hubei Province for many years in succession; CFMCC was granted the title of the enterprise of“Keeping Credit in Good Faith and Abiding by the Contract” , CFMCC has been awarded the enterprise of“Abiding by the Contract and Keeping Credit in Good Faith” for ten years in succession. CFMCC is Grade AAA Credit Enterprise assessed with credit assessment of National Construction Enterprise Management Association.

    CFMCC has realized in all aspects the various targets established by the Corporation in 2009, the index such as turnover, profit, labor productivity, personal average income have reached the maximum level of the history, business scale surpasses over RMB1000 million and ranks the 23rd in 100 top enterprises in Hubei Province. CFMCC also pays an attention to creation of management, creation of system, construction of information of CFMCC has been granted the Grade B Achievement in modern management and “City Digital Model Application Project Study Model Project ” granted by Ministry of Construction of P.R. China. CFMCC also introduce China Stone Education & Culture Development Co. Ltd, Beijing and Approa China Management Consulting Co.,Ltd to make consultation and diagnose about human resources, enterprise culture, system construction of CFMCC, this promotes the upgrading of management level of CFMCC. CFMCC completed restructuring of system for the whole company in 2005, and according to the construction of new company, new system, new mechanism, this will completely guide the corporation to develop continuously in fast speed.

    CFMCC will inherit its excellent tradition of over 50 years , and according to the requirement of modern enterprise system, CFMCC keeps improving and seeks the best, CFMCC will strengthen the management and explores the effective way adapting to socialistic market economy to realize the stable ad healthy development of the enterprise.

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