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Project General Contracting

    The project general contracting business of CFMCC involves multiple project construction fields, such as the development and research of engineering technology and environmental protection materials, engineering design, engineering construction etc. CFMCC has more than 2500 personnel obtaining various types of technical titles, in which there are 31 registered designers, 498 national certified constructors, and 348 persons have senior professional titles while 872 persons have intermediate professional titles. CFMCC has the design qualification of building engineering (Grade A) and metal smelting engineering (Grade B), the special grade qualification of construction general contracting for housing building and smelting projects , and the qualification of construction general contracting for the projects in the fields of public works, , mechanical and electrical installation, petrochemical, power and highway. Currently, CFMCC owns 2500 sets of various types of mechanical equipment with total capacity of 100,000 kilowatts. CFMCC also has several professional labs like industrial furnace, thermal energy and construction materials etc. with perfect means of research, experiment and detection. CFMCC has established a sound quality management system. In 1996, CFMCC took lead in obtaining the Certificate of ISO9002 Quality Assurance System in national metallurgical industry while Certificate of Quality Management System, Certificate of Environment Management and Certificate of Occupational Health and Security Management System obtained in 2004.

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