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On March 21st, Zhongshan project department of CFMCC transportation company participated in a series of activities with the theme of "World Water Day" and “China Water Week” named "Guarding Clear Water 2021" which was hosted by Zhongshan Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Zhongshan Water Affairs Bureau. The project department thoroughly implemented the new development concept, promoted the safe and intensive use of water resources, vigorously carried out the youth contribution action of "learning party history, following the party, and doing practical things for the masses" , and gave play to "the most active, the most lively, the most hardworking and the most modern" Youth Shock Team in the fighting with black and odorous water during the activity.

In the activity, the project department mainly demonstrated the overall process of urban black and odorous water body treatment, showed the citizens what the pictures of Huangbiankeng River before and after treatment, publicized relevant knowledge of water treatment, and provided professional equipment and instrument for water quality test. Finally, the project department League branch, as “The Four Most” Youth Shock Team, participated in the flag-giving ceremony and made a vow: cherish water resources, protect water environment, make great efforts to win the battle of black and odorous water treatment and make contributions to build a beautiful China.

During the activity, the project department gave full play to the power of the youth shock team, adhering to the idea of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", and strove to create a comfortable environment of "clear water and blue sky" in Zhongshan.

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