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CFMCC Wuhan Company Carried out the First Lesson of “Power of Learning in 2016”
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On 17th April, Youth League General Branch of Wuhan Company carried out the “Power of Learning” theme activity in Wuqing embankment comprehensive improvement project and Linjiang Avenue renovation project for exchange study of the applications of “Sponge City” design concept in projects.
The mode of this activity has been changed from learning theoretical knowledge in the meeting room to field study at construction site. During the activity, technical personnel of project department introduced detailedly the application condition of “Sponge City” concept in Qingshan River Beach and Linjiang Avenue Projects, and made site demonstration for the water permeability performance of sidewalk new material floor tile which makes the participating staff experiencing the “Sponge City” effect more directly.
As one characteristic work organized by Wuhan Company, “Power of Learning” has been supported and liked by young staff since its launch in May 2015.

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