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In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the great Communist Party of China, thoroughly study and implement the principles addressed by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference, and further motivate the cadres and employees to "learn Party history, understand ideas, do practical things, and open new ground" with active and enthusiastic attitude, the Propaganda Department of MCC Party Committee held the open day for enterprise publicity with the theme of "passing hundred years of glory down from generation to generation", carrying forward the revolutionary tradition at the locations of over 3000 projects all over the country, inheriting its revolutionary genes and maintaining revolutionary spirit of the Communists. The activity also further inspired all project employees to always maintain the fighting spirit, actively serve the local economic and social development, and build high-quality project.

The spirit of the Red Boat embodies the spirit for Party building. It is the source of the Chinese revolutionary spirit and shows the original aspiration and mission of the Party members. On March 30th, CFMCC, in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of MCC, organized publicity activities of the Open Day with the theme of “Pursuing the spirit of the Red Boat, building the project to people's satisfaction” for "passing hundred years of glory down from generation to generation”. Mainstream media, such as People's Daily Online, Shanghai TV Station, Xinmin Evening News and Youth Daily, and some Employer representatives were invited to the construction site to witness the ideological and political consciousness of the MCC people of "learning party history, understanding ideas and doing practical things". The activity fully displayed brand image of the "Better MCC" and CMFCC's responsibility for bringing about a new situation to the people's livelihood and building more fine projects.

The activity, closely related to the "Red Boat Spirit", consisted of learning party history, understanding thoughts, doing practical works and creating a new situation. It has attracted the the employers and media reporters, and won their unanimous praise with the rich contents, compact process and diverse forms. It also made majority of party members and cadres can deeply study and pursue the pioneering spirit of making innovations and daring to be the first, the fighting spirit of standing firm in support of ideal and the dedication spirit of building the party serving the interest of the people and being loyal to the people, and strive to gather power to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise with Joint forces.

During the part of studying party history and understanding thoughts, Zhong Wei, Party Secretary of CFMCC (Wuhan) Real Estate Company, gave a Party lecture to the Party members with the theme of “Promoting the Red Boat Spirit, Remembering the original mission and responsibility as a central enterprise”. He explained "Red Boat Spirit", and introduced that the Company took actions to create a happy and secure environment. The Party members talked freely about their experience in combination with the actual work, and folded the red paper with the character of the Red Boat Spirit into the shape of boat, and solemnly signed their names. The project party branch also presented "ship tickets" to all party members to encourage them to inherit the Red Boat Spirit, not forget the original mission and continue to forge ahead. During the activity, all party members reviewed the pledge to join the party under the bright party flag, solemnly pledged to strengthen communist ideals and beliefs, pursued the "Red Boat Spirit", played the role of party members, took the lead in complying with engineering regulations, strictly abide by rules and regulations, fulfilled safety responsibilities, carefully built safe and high-quality projects for people, and made their due contributions to the economic and social development of Shanghai.

When talking about doing practical works and creating a new situation, the project staffs led the media and the Employer to visit the project sand table and the project site. They introduced the project location, surrounding facilities, construction concept, management mode, safety and quality management and application of green construction technology, which further demonstrated the good brand image of CFMCC in the field of affordable housing in Shanghai. After that, a communication forum and the Employer’s media Q&A session were held. The project leader gave detailed replies to the green civilization standardization construction, prefabricated technology, quality and safety management and site progress, which the media reporters and the Employer were concerned.

The reporter of People's Daily said that CFMCC, as the first force of metallurgical construction  and the main force of infrastructure construction in China, has always upheld the fine traditions of "dedication, hardworking, enterprising, cooperation, integrity and innovation". CFMCC has not only performed immortal feats to the development of the national steel industry, but made remarkable achievements in the process of transforming into a comprehensive service provider of "investment + design + construction + operation", and made outstanding contributions to the development of the national economy and improvement of people's living standards. It can be said that the development of CFMCC is an example of pursuing the "Red Boat Spirit".

A reporter from Shanghai TV said that CFMCC has always taken the initiative to fulfill the social responsibility of central enterprises with a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission. In the field of development and construction of people's livelihood projects, CFMCC has shouldered its social responsibilities and meticulously built Shanghai Huangdu Daju Project as central enterprise. It is an excellent guardian, inheritor and practitioner of the "Red Boat Spirit".

The Employer representatives indicated that after the activity, they had a better understanding of CFMCC's strength and responsibilities in terms of site safety construction, quality management and civilized construction, and they felt reassured and looked forward to living here in the future.

Shanghai Huangdu Daju Project has a total land area of 27003 m2 and overall floorage of 92733.18 m2 with 936 units. It adopts the assembled-monolithic shear wall structure and is a key low-incoming housing project in Shanghai. The completion of the project will greatly improve the living conditions of low and middle-income families in local cities and towns, and will help promote local economic development. CFMCC, adhering to the development visions of “focusing on MCC’s main businesses, building a better MCC”, has taken the responsibility of building high-quality housing projects to meet people’ satisfaction and attached great importance to the development and construction of people’s livelihood. The company has made headway in safety, quality, environmental protection and progress through scientific design, careful organization and civilized construction, creating landmark projects that demonstrate the strength and responsibility of the central enterprises. Over the past 2 years, the project successively won the awards, such as Shanghai Civilized Construction Site, MCC Safety Production Standardization Demonstration Site, Shanghai Jiading District Quality Project, and Shanghai Jiading District Civilized Construction Site. In recent years, CFMCC has developed and constructed a number of low-incoming housing projects in Shanghai with a total area developed more than 600000 m2, solving the housing difficulties for more than 7000 low and middle-income families, and making its own contributions to urban and social economic development.

P.S.      Red Boat Spirit: the pioneering spirit of making innovations and daring to be the first, the fighting spirit of standing firm in support of ideal, and the dedication spirit of building the party serving the interest of the people and being loyal to the people

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