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April 22nd of this year marks the 52nd "Earth Day". To respond to the theme of "The World Earth Day", establish the concept of ecological civilization and pursue the environmental protection responsibility, the project department of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant Project in Hanoi launched the activity with the theme of "Protect the Environment, begin with Safe and Civilized Construction of the Project".

The project department organized all young employees and personnel from relevant departments to go to the construction site for safety and civilized construction inspection, especially inspecting the installation of dense mesh net on the site, main road cleaning, site materials clearing, material sorting and stacking, and construction garbage cleaning, and required to rectify the non-conformance within the deadline. After the inspection, the project department gathered everyone to watch PPT themed "The World Earth Day"in the conference room and showed the results of site safety and civilized construction. At the meeting, the project manager Hu Changbing made a summary about this activity: we should take this activity as an opportunity to earnestly raise awareness of environmental protection, and do not litter white garbage, discharge waste water at will, or freely dump construction waste during construction, and build a civilized construction site abroad according to CFMCC safety and civilized construction standardization.

After the activity, young employees voluntarily posted "Save Water" signs at different places to guide all staffs to act in daily life, and contributed to the conservation of water resources and the protection of the environment. Wang Yong, the project League Branch Secretary, said: “We feel honor and take pride of being a member of the project, and at the same time realize the urgency and significance of the completion of the project when we see the sharp contrast of the towering garbage hills and CFMCC construction site in front of us. The League Branch will unite and lead all young employees to exert inexhaustible motivation to complete the project and put into production as soon as possible, and make contributes to improving local environment and building a better Belt and Road."

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