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    Enterprise Development Strategy:

    Facilitating Innovation and Expansion; Being Competitive and Stronger; Achieving Sustainable Development and Long-term Prosperity

    Enterprise Spirit:

    Engagement, Faith, Unity, Enterprising

    Enterprise Purpose:

    Serve the client ;Serve the Society

    Enterprise Management Principle:

    Corporate Integrity, Customer’s Satisfaction

    CFMCC Brand-identity Logo:

    The First Force of China Metallurgical Construction

    Enterprise Vision:

    A Century of Glory, Everlasting Success of Business

    CFMCC’s Tradition Spirit:

    Dedication, Striving, Aggressiveness, Coordination, Faithfulness, Innovation

    Dedication-be persevering and flexible  Striving-be brave and competent

    Aggressiveness-be initiative and competitive  Coordination-be united and considerate

    Faithfulness-be honest and reliable  Innovation-be forward-thinking and bold

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