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On April 20th, 2021, CFMCC Steel Structure Company won the bid of Spherical Tanks Group of Taixing Light Hydrocarbon Deep Processing Device+Utilities (on PC basis) for Yanchang Petroleum and China Gas.

The project includes TEN propylene spherical tanks (3000m3) and TWO C4 spherical tanks (1000m3), with total work quantity of about 4200t. Among them, the C4 spherical tanks (1000m3) are made of 09MnNiDR steel plate, which is another performance upgrade that the company has undertaken since contracted Dongming Hengchang Spherical Tanks(650m3) of the same material in 2008. At present, the largest volume of C4 spherical tank with the same material in China is 3000 m³.

In 2021, the company has strengthened the efforts to explore the market, transform and upgrade, improve quality and efficiency in the regions of Eastern, Northern and Southern China, and intensified marketing of the products, i.e. spherical tanks, ship tanks, atmospheric storage tanks, bullet tanks, and etc. in these regions. It has gradually formed a group of inherent customers through regional marketing, organization of production, and customer maintenance . While the three regions are moving forward simultaneously, the company is fully engaged in development of stereotyped products and undertaking of general contracting projects.

The project above mentioned, as a pilot project for project contractual management of the pressure vessel team, was tracked from October 2020. Zheng Long, project manager of the company, led the marketing department to work out plans, conduct site visits, and work overtime for bid quotations. During bidding of the project, the company's Material Department actively communicated with the steel mills and locked the price of the vessel plate in time. With the joint efforts by all parties, the company finally won the bid.

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