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On May 8th, the main structure of Yuying Primary School Project in Nanjing contracted by CFMCC Urban Development Company has successfully passed the acceptance.

The project is located in Nanjing International Health City, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with Nanjing No.1 Middle School(Jiangbei Campus) in the north, Jiangbei Branch of Gulou Kindergarten in the south. It’s also in the south of Yingjiang Road, the east of Kang’er Street, the north of Pusan Road and the west of Dingxiang River. Yuying Primary School is a school with 4 grades and 24 classes, covering an area of about 34.8 mu. The building height (one underground floor, five floors above ground) is 23.9 meters. The total construction area is about 29,161.74 m2, out of which the above-ground construction area is about 21202.97 m², and the underground construction area is about 7958.77 m². The building is frame structure with more than 40% to be assembled and more than 60% of the application of precast external and internal wall panels, precast stair treads and precast floor slabs.

Under the supervision of the Construction and Traffic Quality and Safety Supervision Station of Jiangbei New Area in Nanjing, an acceptance team composed of five parties including the Employer, the Contractor, the Consultant, the Designer, and the Surveying Company inspected the main structure of the primary school, and carefully reviewed relevant documents. After that, it was believed that the project was fulfilled the requirements of relevant design and specification standards, with complete data files, strict process control and good construction quality. It was unanimously agreed that the main structure passed the acceptance.

Since the project started in May 2020, the project team has focused on the milestones of "completing and passing acceptance before July 30, 2021, and making school open on September 1, 2021". Various difficulties were finally overcome with continuous efforts to ensure the smooth completion of the main structure.

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