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On 18th May 2021, after the last set of grid structure of No. 2 garbage pit for the Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant Project in Hanoi, contracted by CFMCC International Engineering Company, was completed hoisting and erection, the grid rood of No. 2 garbage pit was successfully complete.

The project is located in Nanshan Waste Comprehensive Treatment Center in Hanoi. Two garbage pits are designed to be built. For No.2 garbage pit, its grid structure is to be erected more than 40 meters high, with the horizontal span 37m and the longitudinal span 102m. And its total area is about 4000㎡, covering the entire upper area of the pit. The challenges the project department faced were characterized by large work quantities, high requirements of installation technology, high safety standards and difficult construction. The project department overcame the coordination problems of various cross operations. And the project leader took the lead in actively coordinating the grid structures assembly site and cleaning and the use of machinery. A tower crane was specially provided for the grid structures erection and installation around the clock. All construction units made good cooperation, carefully working, and the work groups worked overtime. Finally, the grid structure was successfully completed within the scheduled time, which was laying a solid foundation for the subsequent roof tile installation and the complete closure of No. 2 garbage pit.

After completion of the project, it will effectively improve the environmental health of Hanoi and establish a benchmark for the green and sustainable development of the city. At present, the project department is aimed to realize the crucial milestone of wastes delivering to the sites as scheduled. Thus they are working hard with great confidence, and strive to achieve the goal to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

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