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On February 25, the winner list of the first batch of Luban Prize (National Quality Project) in 2020 ~ 2021 was announced. The East Lake Greenway Project (Huzhong Road, Country Road) and Underground Utility Tunnels Project(PKG-1) in Baiyin, constructed by CFMCC, were on the list.

The East Lake Greenway is the first world-class greenway around the lake in central urban area in China with a total length of 16.7 kilometers, green area of about 540000 square meters and investment of 1.422 billion yuan. Adhering to the philosophy of "making the city quiet", the project has promoted the construction of sponge city, implemented Great Protection of the Yangtze River, buffered the conflict between urban development and nature protection, and improved the living quality of citizens. It is a comprehensive municipal garden project integrating ecology, culture and people's livelihood.

The project pursued the green development philosophy of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" and it had remarkable achievement in ecological civilization through rebuilding the former cluttered villages into a sponge park and making the dirty and smelly lake become clean enough for swimming. Under the premise of "taking measures according to local conditions", it had created various scenery with its own characteristics. The water quality of East Lake was effectively improved by using “sponge”and “ecological revetment”technologies. Nearly 50% water reached Class Ⅱ, which created the highest record in 40 years, provided new mind, new method for comprehensive treatment of urban lake globally. A large number of local waste materials were intelligently used for pavement. This not only became a low carbon and friendly environmental project, but also made it look beautiful and applicable by doing so. Native tree species and fruit plants were given priority to be chosen. Suitable trees, shrubs and ground cover were arranged well in linear coherence. After completion of the project, it had totally received nearly 60 million tourists, and undertook more than 30 large-scale activities, such as international marathons, international bicycle races and 7th CISM Military World Games. All of those helped win the social-wide praise, inspire new vitality of East Lake, optimize the urban water environment, improve the public happiness, and turn East Lake into "ecological center of the city", allowing people to close to nature. The construction of the East Lake Greenway is a successful example in building ecological Wuhan.

Baiyin Underground Utility Tunnels Project is located in the main urban area of Baiyin, Gansu Province. It is one of the first ten pilot projects of underground utility tunnels project in the national urban areas. It is also a green and environmental protection sunrise industry and a livelihood project supported by the state. The utility tunnel has a total length of 26.25 kilometers. And the scope of work included the construction of the utility tunnel itself and its auxiliary facilities, roadside and greening restoration, pipeline relocation and repair, and surrounding structures, etc.

Baiyin Underground Utility Tunnels Project has fully adopted many advanced technologies, such as the green construction of "four energy conservation and one environmental protection", concrete pile composite foundation technology, utility tunnel construction technology, utility tunnel formwork technology, industrial finished product supporting and hoisting technology, concrete crack control technology and etc, including 7 major items and 20 sub-items of the 10 new technologies promoted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. 7 patented technology achievements, such as "Concrete automatic spray device and its spray control method", were popularized and applied, and 4 independent technologies, such as "internal mold trolley research and application for underground utility tunnel", were innovated and applied.   

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