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On March 22nd, the General Station of Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision and Administration of Hunan Province made "The Announcement on the List of Annual Excellent Construction Sites concerning Construction Quality Management and Safety Production Standardization in 2020 ". GAC Mitsubishi R&D Center project contracted by CFMCC was awarded the "Excellent Construction Site for Annual Project Evaluation". This is another award after getting the prize of “Changsha Quality Project 2020”.

The project is located in the east of Longfeng North Road and south of Liangtang East Road in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. The land area of the project is about 530 mu, and the construction scale about 166,000 m², including new comprehensive laboratory, trial production workshop, test parking buildings, test tracks and public auxiliary facilities, etc.. As the first full-car R&D institution established by a Fortune 500 company in Hunan, the R&D center will provide GAC Mitsubishi with localized R&D support for vehicle models.

Since the commencement, the project department, adhering to the MCC spirit of "never slacken our efforts", has strictly met the requirements of construction safety laws, regulations and standards. It also established responsibility system for safety production, and worked out safety management systems and operation instructions to effectively identify and control the major hazards, and check and control the hidden hazards during construction. The project department has made great efforts to strengthen the awareness of the employees towards quality control and laid a good foundation for the smooth progress of the project by providing the employees with skills training and technical exchanges. As the tight construction period, the project department, guided by the idea of “manage innovation, improve efficiency”, adopted various measures to improve the management and control level of construction quality. With the efforts of all employees, the project was finally awarded Excellent Construction Site for Annual Project Evaluation in 2020 for Quality Management and Safety Production Standardization.

Upon completion of the project, it will not only speed up the research and development of local new automobile products and new technologies, but greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of automobile manufacturing in Hunan, adding new momentum to the intelligent and green development of Hunan's automobile industry.

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