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Recently, the ramp project of Linjiang Avenue of Wuhan Erqi Yangtze River Bridge undertaken by CFMCC won "Gold Award of Hubei Provincial Municipal Demonstration Project 2020". The project has previously got the Gold Award of Wuhan Municipal Engineering 2019.

The award of "Hubei Municipal Demonstration Project" is the highest honor in the municipal industry in Hubei Province in terms of project quality. Its project quality should reach the first-class level in the province. The award includes gold awards and silver awards, which are evaluated by Hubei Municipal Engineering Association once a year. The ramp project is one of the key projects of the main axis of the Yangtze River, including ramp A of the lower bridge and ramp B of the upper bridge. The total length is 1584 meters, and the road width is 9 meters to 11 meters. Both ramp are one-way 2 lanes, and the design speed is 35 km/h. The basic span of the bridge is 25 meters, and the basic structure type is prestressed concrete continuous girder. Continuous steel box girders are used for the parts crossing the junctions and river.

Since the implementation of the project, the project department, through the integrated management system inspections, smart construction site technical exchange meetings and project managers observation & training, has strictly executed the first-piece system management, effectively controlled the construction quality, and won many honors at municipal, provincial and industry levels. During construction, the project department firmly enforced the quality standards, and thinking and summing up while constructing, and completed a number of enterprise-level construction methods and patents, providing reference for the construction of similar technologies of the company.

As a key project on the right bank avenue of the main axis of the Yangtze River in Wuhan and a supporting project for the 7th World Military Games in 2019, the project started construction in August 2018 and was officially opened to traffic on September 9, 2019. It has made trip convenient for those who lived in Wuchang, Qingshan and Hankou districts, greatly improved the city's traffic conditions across the river, and promoted the development of Qingshan Riverside Business District, and the economic development along the route, which was widely praised by the citizens of Wuhan.

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