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On 14th May 2021, good news came from Guangxi Construction Industry association that Yulin Fumian Airport contracted by CFMCC was awarded "Zhenwuge Cup" of Guangxi Construction Project.

This is the highest quality award of construction industry in Guangxi, and the highest honor for construction quality in Guangxi as well. The award is evaluated once a year, and the total amount to be awarded is controlled. The total number of construction projects awarded shall not exceed 8% of the total number of construction projects completed and accepted in the previous year, and the total number of specialized works awarded shall not exceed 15% of total number of construction projects.

Yulin Fumian Airport project is the first airport project on EPC basis. At the beginning, CFMCC set a goal to create excellence. The company worked out relevant plans, prepared sufficient image data, and payed attention to process management to ensure that the creation of excellence was carried out in an orderly manner. After awarded "Zhenwuge Cup", the project will be given priority to be recommended as the candidate of national awards, such as the Luban Prize, National Quality Project Award and etc.

On 8th May, 2020, Yulin Fumian Airport made a successful trial flight; on 28th Aug., 2020, Yulin Fumian Airport was officially opened up navigation. At present, Yulin Fumian Airport has opened 6 routes, which can directly fly to 8 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Haikou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Kunming and Chongqing. In February, total 302 flights completed safely, and the normal rate of airport clearance reached 97.33%. Up to 7th Mar. 2021, the total passengers throughput of Yulin Fumian Airport has exceeded 160000. Yulin Fumian Airport contracted by CFMCC has made positive contributions to Yulin's overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic development.

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